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Dont’s For Wives


A lady by the name of Blanche Ebbutt wrote these golden pearls of wisdom back in 1913. I first bought this book at a gift shop for mindless airplane reading, but I was enthralled immediately and spent a great deal of time compiling the tips that spoke to me the most. I figured I might […]

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Designer Spotlight – Birdkage Style


Courtney Robinson is one inspiring (and stunningly beautiful) woman. This crazy talented designer/mother/wife/gourmet baker knows how to do it all with the utmost style and grace. I adore her towels, aprons, and everything she puts her hands on. Check out for more info on where to buy these fabulous items, or you can find […]

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Happy Father’s Day…

Dad 6

Where would we be without dads? My sisters, brothers and I feel so blessed to have ours when so many do not. People assume some crazy things about my childhood considering the superstar musical career of my father. But the arenas with 30,000 people, backstage party life and platinum album parties were all something we […]

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Behind The Lens-2013

the afternoon off

Welcome to my scrapbook of 2013! I hope you find something you love in these frames. I decided not to include the scariest-shower of the year pic (a god-forsaken backstage bathroom at a club in Ohio), or the ones of me crying when I couldn’t speak or perform after finding out about the vocal polyps […]

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Holiday Kitchen-Michelle Branch & Ginger Souffle Cake


Merry Christmas to all!!!! My insanely talented friend, Michelle Branch, was sweet enough to take the afternoon off to show us her skills in the kitchen! She is a fabulous baker (and mom, and wife, and chicken farmer, and singer/songwriter, and guitar player, and on and on). Click here for this delicious ginger souffle cake […]

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