Dont’s For Wives

A lady by the name of Blanche Ebbutt wrote these golden pearls of wisdom back in 1913. I first bought this book at a gift shop for mindless airplane reading, but I was enthralled immediately and spent a great deal of time compiling the tips that spoke to me the most. I figured I might as well try and help all of you while I’m helping myself, so here you go! I’m preparing for a baby and our 5 year wedding anniversary in a couple of months, and in a constant desire for improvement and growth in my marriage. Investing time in the emotional bank accounts is a biggie for me, and can be challenging with our crazy schedules. It’s a constant beautiful and trying learning experience for me. Basic human emotions and struggles never change, even after 100 years. Some of these are a bit old-fashioned & rigid, but funny nonetheless. I hope you love this as much as I do! Next up, my other half Christopher is reading her book “Dont’s for Husbands”. I’m very excited. Please leave comments with your thoughts!

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