Phillip Nappi – The Bootmaker

Phillip Nappi has just opened one of the most fabulous stores  in the world, and I couldn’t be happier that he chose Nashville! The shop is housed in a massive old warehouse dripping with character. Here you will find stunning french antiques, Santa Maria Novella products, beautiful watches with antique faces, giant old flags for sale, and a grand piano on a nothing-cheesy-about-it stage. Most importantly, though, are his products…The buttery belts, bags and shoes are handcrafted from the finest leather (each piece is made by hand, no mass production here).  Phillip and his family briefly moved to Italy (see below for great recommendations) to live and learn about his heritage, where they were able to soak up everything around them and learn how to start this business the right way. Please visit his website at where you can shop, watch a brilliant mini-movie on the brand, or just read about this amazing man and the grandfather he never knew. Peter Nappi was his name…

What is your ideal afternoon off?

Hanging at The Taproom in Nashville with my wife for some Pale Ales then home to cook dinner for my family.


Old boots, old jeans, white t shirt and my new Otis James hat


“Last Night of the World” Bruce Cockburn
“Back Where I Started” The Derek Trucks Band
“Deerripper” Amazing Baby
“Goodbye Babylon” The Black Keys
“The Trapeze Swinger” Iron & Wine
“Be Somebody” Kings of Leon
“Natural Mystic” Bob Marley & The Wailers
“Wave on Wave” Pat Green
“Black & Blue” Mike Snow


Cooked at home:  Homemade pasta, fresh herbs, veggies and shellfish, salt, pepper and olive oil…Basta!  Oh, and a lot of wine

You are such an Italy insider, please share some of your favorite places!

Ok where do I start? La Cantinetta di Rignana – Chianti.  When we lived in Firenze, we took everyone that visited us here.  It is on a vineyard called Rignana.  Outside seating overlooking vines, open kitchen with hugh Tuscan wood oven and the most unbelievable antipasti.

Birreria Centrale – Firenze A Bavarian Italian restaurant.  Has beer on tap.  Funny for Italy and the Stinco Maiale is great.  It is a pork shin over sauerkraut.

L’Osteria De Memmo – Roma.  A local place some Romani people turned me onto.  The place I notoriously and supposedly told Dana, “That I come here to do one thing”.

Pierluigi – Roma.  Some of our fondest memories are at this place.

Stores –

For men’s shirts – Simone Abbarchi – Firenze – One of the finest shirtmakers in all Italy.

For men’s shoes – Roberto Ugolini – Firenze – A super cool guy that can make some beautiful classic shoes.

Boutique – Gerard Loft – Firenze

Quick Getaways –

1. Castel Trebbio – Wonderful castle with cottages, great restaurant all overlooking their vineyard.

2.  Anacapri – While this island is more known as Capri on the otherside of it is a little community called Anacapri.  Not many tourists, hence less expensive and more quaint.

3.  Mandranova in Sicily.  A olive oil/tree farm where Dana and I spent a week of our honeymoon.

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