“One father is more than a hundred school teachers”-George Herbert

It’s our first Father‘s Day here at the Coleman household. I think the greatest gift Stella has in her life is the gift of a loving daddy. A priceless and sometimes rare occurrence these days, she is the luckiest girl in the world. Chris’s love for her is fierce and unchanging. Ever since I saw him with his nieces and nephews, I knew he would a be a real father, encompassing every sense of the word. Every night I thank the Lord for their bond, and for another day with the three of us here together…

Some of my favorite moments of the two of them are below. Mediocre photos were taken by me,  stunning professional photos were taken by the truly brilliant local tots photographer Mandy Johnson. The photoshoot with Stella was my favorite baby gift ever (Sheryl Crow I love you). Enjoy!!!


{Love. At its purest}

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{I will cherish this picture until my dying day}



{My employees at H. Audrey couldn’t wait to meet their future weekend help}





{The capturing of this candid and quiet daddy/daughter feeding moment just kills me}


{Possibly my favorite picture ever taken of them, “Winnie the Pooh” had her enthralled}

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{I already promised her he would never have her in this outfit again, he loved it though}




{Throughout out house renovation he had her checking up on everything with him, this was wallpaper day}




{That belly. Total Yumsies}


Happy Father‘s Day to all of the amazing men who humbly and consistently provide a loving and stable environment for your children!!! Loving, involved, and responsible daddies truly have a chance to change the world for better. My lovely friend Jessica Seinfeld founded the incredible charity Baby Buggy. If you believe in the importance of dads, you can donate to the fatherhood initiative here . Squeeze the daddies you love today! 


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