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This is not a hate website. In fact, this was created to promote work-life balance by taking afternoon time offs when you need it. As an office manager, I used to think that employees must work from 8am to 5pm or onward, but when I realized that my employees have been missing a lot including myself.

I fought for this to be on our employee handbook and when it did, we were rewarded with the highest productivity that we never had in years. We do not pay for seat warmers, and we recognize that our employees have children to take care of, cars that need to be fixed, and errands that need to be done. These are the things that consume our employees’ weekend, and eventually make them feel tired and hate Monday.

Theafternoonoff.com shares a list of things that you can do outside the office if you start taking afternoon offs. We also share some tips on how to survive your office hours and make it more fun and comfortable. We hope to become a template in promoting happy employees by making small changes in the work environment.