Take a Half Day Off From Work – Tips on How to Plan a Micro VacationTake a Half Day Off From Work – Tips on How to Plan a Micro Vacation

Does your employer allow you to take a half day of vacation as paid time off from work for any reason? People tend to think that half days are only to be used for personal errands such as a doctors appointment or last minute family emergencies like when your child feels sick at school. Once again the mindset of all too many hard working individuals is that vacation days are only to be used for predetermined trips (like a week of vacation planned way in advance) and times when you need to be away from the office during business hours.

The first thing you should do is examine your vacation policy document and learn what rules if any apply to taking a half day or even vacation time in hour increments. Do you need to ask for approval in advance? Are there any timing or scheduling considerations? What would happen …


Five Creative Ways To Power Through The Afternoon SlumpFive Creative Ways To Power Through The Afternoon Slump

If your mind starts to wander and you could really use a nap or a candy bar around 2 p.m., you’re not alone. The afternoon slump is real, and it’s your body’s response to a drop in your blood-sugar levels as well as its natural circadian rhythm. In fact, one of our strongest biological urges to sleep comes between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Taking the afternoon off isn’t usually an option, but some companies have found some fun and effective hacks for tackling the afternoon slump.

Employees at the mortgage lender United Shore look forward to 10-minute dance parties held every Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. The idea began as a small gathering of five or six people and became so popular that the company installed a dance floor on the second floor to accommodate a crowd of more than 100.…


15 Meaningful Things to Do on Your Off From Work15 Meaningful Things to Do on Your Off From Work

How many days a week do you get off?

Most people get two days off in a row, usually on the weekend. But not everyone runs on the same schedule. I know many people who work wonky schedules that only allow for one day off before they have to go back to work.

I also know many people who work from home who don’t take a day off at all! When you are your own boss, it can be hard to take a day away from the computer and not check in on stats, earnings, emails, and other day-to-day things.

This article is going to assume that you only get one day off per week. One WHOLE day to do whatever you want without thinking about work.

How do you spend that precious day off? Do you lay on the couch and watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? If you …